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At home

DIL and Evie went home, to Son yesterday evening. There was much waiting around as the staff would not let them leave until DIL had provided 3 large pans of urine, routine when someone has been catheterised (unless you are on the ward son was on) but eventually her urine production passed muster and we could transport the new family home. During the wait Hubby managed, once again, to show how daft he can be and to provide us with a tale associated with the birth of a Grandchild. With Jack it is the tale of how he went to the wrong hospital and I think he may have done nearly as well with Evie. Friends of theirs had come to visit and they have a little boy who is three months old. As children are not allowed on to the maternity ward I was looking after Harry in the waiting area when Hubby arrived. I did think he seemed exceptionally interested in baby, but only caught on when he started producing his video camera, whilst saying that the light was better here than on labour ward. Yes, he had mistaken a 3 month old, smiling, dressed all in blue Harry for a newborn Evie and was about to video him. I really wish now that I had kept quiet.

During her routine examination the paediatrician discovered that Evie has ‘clicky’ hips so she will be having an ultrasound in about 6 weeks. In our family Evie would be different if she didn’t have clicky hips, her Daddy and her Aunties, Nanny, and three cousins have all got them and, other than making odd clonking noises sometimes, they don’t cause problems. Mind you her Great-Aunt was born with a dislocated hip so it’s a good idea to scan, just in case. 

I don’t know how their first night went, if it’s anything like most new parents it will have been noisy! Hubby and I are off over to their house soon to cook Sunday dinner, repair a dripping tap and do a ‘show bath’ so we will soon know if Evie is a night owl.

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