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Who is she?

I’ve spent the last couple of days trying to have a reasoned discussion with Dr Amy on her Homebirth Debate blog, as usual it has been unsuccessful. It’s like having a conversation with our Amy, she’s 3, you try and be reasonable, patiently explaining everything, suggesting a compromise and then realise that she is incapable of seeing the world from any other perspective than her own.

As a result of my utter frustration with this blinkered, dominatrix I decided to blog about her exultation of medicalised childbirth and started with a Google search for images of mad doctors, fighting surgeons then, realising this was especially purile, Dr Tuteur herself. I was disappointed as what came up was the image she shows on her blog so clicked ‘search the web’ instead, and up came some odd results like ‘Did you check amy tuteur’s weblogs linked under her name? All she does is rail against doctors…don’t feel too protective of her. …’  this comes from Kevin, MD  in 2006. So I clicked on his link and found a comment on a entry from Dr A, ‘The C-section rate is rapidly approaching 30%. That’s at least twice what it ought to be, and last I heard babies have not doubled in size and fetal distress has not doubled in incidence. If that’s not defensive medicine, I don’t know what is. I followed her back and discovered her alternative site Treat Me With Respect, a site on which there have been no entries since 2006 and is far more more general than Homebirth Debate and in which, when responding to commentators she is, interestingly bearing in mind the title of the blog, far more amenable.

So, on the one hand there is an MD who believes that Amy rants against Doctors in Treat Me With Respect and on the other we have a midwife (me) who knows that Amy dismisses my profession as uneducated and dangerous liars. Then we have her comment which appears to blame the rising section rate obstetrician’s fears of litigaton, that in 2006, but then just 4 days ago in an entry entitled The impact of c-section on women who are not part of the NCB culture she states ‘Clearly “natural” childbirth is beneficial for the natural childbirth industry. It’s difficult to see, though, how it is beneficial for women’  have her opinions changed or is Dr Tuteur perhaps an amalgam of different personae?

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