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Diary entry

This is going to be an honest, therefore rather boring diary entry. I’ve taken this week off work for a basic, selfish reason, daughter has gone back to work so I am now looking after the boys, Louis and Jamie, 2 days a week, 10 hours a day. I was anticipating that I may find it ‘difficult’ but I do have to admit that it was, on the whole, easier than I thought but when it’s bad it’s really bad, they are lovely, happy babies but there are two of them, two crawling bundles of mischief. Try ‘nipping’ to the loo and it turns into some sort of Krypton Factor 3D, spatial awareness test.  Going to the bathroom involves opening and closing a stair gate before the boys get there so it’s a case of sneaking off and then problems arise when undertaking the return journey as by then they are hanging off the gate, screaming. The quandary is how to get through the gate without making them fall off the step they are standing or giving one of them the opportunity to race up the stairs as soon as the gate is open whilst you are occupied dealing with the other one, I need another pair of arms. Then there’s the getting out of the house test, I now have to use a pushchair to get them to the car, it is just so stressful otherwise. Last night a friend suggested putting one in the highchair whilst I take the other one out to put him in his car seat. There are benefits, wouldn’t have to shut the front door, I would know that he was safe but it is a pain, getting a highchair out, strapping him in, plus I would have to give him something to nibble on as they are not stupid and do make the connection between highchair and food. I have now had to put locks on all the kitchen cupboards, the TV cabinet and the dresser, one baby I can police effectively, two are virtually impossible.

I have had another traumatic experience with a lawnmower. A few weeks ago my ‘favourite’ lawnmower fell to pieces, the chassis was totally rusted away, and this week my ‘difficult’ to start, rip your arm out of it’s socket, mower, refused to respond to my appeals, so I told it, and golfing Hubby via text message, what I thought of it and went to my local DIY store and bought an electric one. The thought of being able to just plug it in and mow, no checking oil levels, filling with petrol, crying with frustration when it fails to respond to pulling of the starter cord, I was so excited. Of course, I had to assemble it but no probs, 20 minutes later there sat my new, bright green lawnmower. I plugged it in, tilted it, pressed the safety button and, nothing except a hum. No blade rotating, just the very quiet whirr of a motor but it was obviously not powering the drive for the blade. I tried, and tried again, no joy, definitely no joy just utter frustration. I texted Hubby who responded in a most unfortunate fashion ” Long grass can look good”. That pushed me over the edge, I flew wildly at my arm torturing machine. It was shaken, kicked, lifted and dropped and then I pulled at the starter cord, it roared into action. Forget garden machinery specialists, a temper tantrum is free, and does the job! Hubby and I returned the electric mower to the store and got a refund.

Amy, Jamie and Louis have been attending nursery for short periods as a prelude to when they start in 2 weeks. On Friday I went with them so I would know where it was if I ever had to pick them up, the staff seem lovely, Amy loves the rabbit and guinea pig and the sandpit was a hit with the boys. We had to leave them for 2 hours so daughter and I filled the time with a supermarket dash for all the requirements for the twins birthday party.

The birthday party was a success, due in no small measure to the fact that the weather remained fine, even slightly sunny so everyone, especially the multitude of small people, were able to be out in the garden. I had gone round to daughter’s house a couple of hours before the party to help her set-up and even as I got out of the car I could hear a baby screaming. I walked into the garden to find a scene of chaos, and sitting in the middle of it were my Mother and step-father. Louis was sitting in his highchair covered in the remains of his lunch, Amy was running around with just her pajama top on and a tearful daughter was holding a wailing Jamie. Son-in law had done a disappearing act, can’t blame him for escaping the Grandmother-in law from hell but unfair to leave daughter trying to cope with the bedlam and attempting to prepare for the twin’s party. I decided that the most helpful thing I could do would be to relieve her of the boys so I took them upstairs and dumped them in the bath, which worked the trick with old misery Jamie and amused Louis and Amy. Mum and step-father left, son in-law returned and so once I had dried and dressed the boys I put them in their pushchair and went for a long walk. By the time I returned the twins were both asleep, the garden and house were ready for the party and daughter was a happy bunny (I think the Pimms helped).

Jack starts school next week, I can’t believe that my little man is that old, it only seems a couple of years since he was born, mind you he is young to be going into full-time education as he is only 4 years and 4 months. I shall miss having him around as much, I hope he and I remain as close.

Amy is a bossy, bright little madam. Talk about over-active imagination, she still has her invisible animal friends, life for her is magical. She remains unpredictable where her brothers are concerned, one minute an entertaining big sister, the next a sly individual pinching and hitting when she thinks no one can see.

Izzy is an appealing little girl, blonde curls, huge blue eyes and long, dark eyelashes. Her joint hypermobility means that she is still bow-legged but it a strange way it adds to her cuteness. Her language development is slow, the twins, especially Louis have nearly caught up with her. It is obvious that she understands everything so I’m not concerned about her intelligence but she does become quite frustrated by her inability to communicate her wants. For a tiny person she eats an amazing amount, and is quite indiscriminate about what she will eat, hence the phonecall from her Mummy a couple of days ago . Apparently Izzy had eaten a berry from the garden, what should they do? What berry was it? Daughter doesn’t share my love of gardening so was unable to identify the shrub it came from. After a 20 questions session I decided that it was nothing dangerous but did advise watchfulness and an immediate eradication of all berries in the garden.

Nearly there now. Jamie; 5 teeth, both boys still wearing amber necklaces; crawling, supported standing, cruising. Clapping, kissing, waving, ‘dada, mum-mum’, babbling, wicked laugh. Louis; 6 teeth, mobility and development the same as Jamie plus ‘mama, grandad, uh-oh, ta’, and hi-fiving.

That’s it, up to date.

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