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High wind

My poppies are prone, my sunflowers have slanted and my still sour apples will never ripen now as they are carpeting the grass. It was so windy yesterday evening and into the night that many of my taller plants are now flattened. My pride and joys, the sunflowers, which I germinated in a jar with blotting paper so Jack and Amy could see how amazing nature is, took the worst hammering. One of them has snapped, the cane was too short, whilst even the ones with long canes are listing at a 45 degree angle. At about 8pm last night, when I realised how strong a combination the wind and rain were, I went out and provided more support for the plants I thought would suffer most but in some cases the canes have just gone over as well, and anyway, who would have thought that hydrangeas would be at risk, I suppose it’s the weight of the flower heads. Today will have to be spent pruning where broken and supporting where tilting.


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