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Me to a tee!

M Mystical
I Inspirational
D Dramatic
W Witty
I Innocent
F Fine
E Exciting
M Misunderstood
U Unusual
S Sexy
E Exquisite

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I found this quirkiness at Life in the NHS (http://lifeinthenhs.wordpress.com/). I’m finding it really interesting to read this blog by an NHS manager, I may be in danger of empathising with her!

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Amber and teething

A month ago I ‘invested’ in 2 amber necklaces for Jamie and Louis, daughter’s 11 month old twins. I know, really tree-huggy, head so high in the clouds that I have almost gone into orbit, now I will reveal whether I have wasted my hard earned pennies or have found an alternative to pharmaceutical teething remedies.

Well, before the boys had their ‘surfer dude’ accessories they were waking, and not settling again twice a night, at least, each. They were unhappy little lads with red cheeks, perpetually runny noses and extremely sore bottoms. In the past month Jamie has gained one more tooth and Louis has had two break through. Their bottoms peachy gorgeous, Louis has woken once in the night and settled straight away, there are no red cheeks, runny noses, they are happy little guys and, as an unexpected plus, they not only sleep through the night but are sleeping until 8am.

I asked daughter if she thought the necklaces were working, she can’t be sure as they may have turned the corner anyway. Then Hubby suggested that an excellent way to test would be to take the necklace off one of the boys, after all they are identical so if the necklaces do work then then the boy without the necklace would start exhibiting all the previous physical manifestations of teething. It took their Mummy about 5 seconds to decline the experiment by saying ‘ This is my life we are talking about here. No.’

So, what is my opinion? Have I wasted my money? No, I don’t feel that I have wasted my hard earned. We will never know why the boys have recently settled down, it could well be a coincidence but at least there has been a positive change. I would only feel it was money down the drain if the twins were still unhappy, uncomfortable little babies and fortunately they aren’t! So amber teething necklaces get the thumbs up from this Grandmother.

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