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Count to 10

I have a ‘newly’ pregnant woman who is driving me crazy. I go to book her, a pre-arranged appointment, and she isn’t there, so I phone her. She has decided to have a termination. Then she finds out that the pregnancy is twins, so she decides to continue with the pregnancy. I keep trying to contact her and arrange a day to see her, no luck. Meanwhile she has seen her G.P as she is feeling really sick, whilst there she mentions that she is considering going on holiday to a country where it is recommended that visitors have certain vaccinations, the G.P explains that she can’t have the jabs due to her pregnancy and he tells her, and records, that he believes the trip is inadvisable. Eventually I speak to her and arrange for my jobshare to go round and book her, I was on annual leave, jobshare went, pregnant woman not there. I leave innumerable messages, no response until yesterday when she phoned to say that she had just landed. I suggested we meet today but that was no good as she would be at her Mother’s and was too tired to think.

Today I contacted the hospital to check when her nuchal scan was booked for, she had missed it (DNA). I pleaded with 2 different maternity units and managed to arrange an urgent appointment for Thursday, no mean feat, and then phoned the current bane of my working life. She shouted at me, moaned, whined ‘Don’t want to go to that frigging place’. I explained, calmly, why it was at that hospital and assured her that once she had been screened then I would book her for the other unit. After 5 minutes of attempting to deal with a mother of 3 who was behaving like a toddler who is throwing a tantrum my patience frayed and the result was me laying it on the line and telling her that I had been running around after her ‘like a blue-arsed fly’ and that she could take it or leave it. I then took a calming breath and rewound, ‘ Go for the scan as arranged, come and see me on Friday and I promise that I will book you for the other maternity unit ‘.

Does anyone want to take a bet on whether I will see her, or if she will go for the scan?

Why am I ‘sharing’ this? 1) To get it off my chest  2) In the media there are often stories of how inattentive midwives are, how women are dismissed, not treated as individuals, I want to show that midwives do try their hardest, but it’s not always appreciated.

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