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I’ve had a lovely day, gardening. As I mow, edge, prune and weed my mind wanders from conundrums such as; how does a spider weave a web between the parasol and a tree which are 8ft apart to do ducks eat duckweed? As my thoughts meandered around how could I obtain enough money to give up work I pondered on the jail sentences for John and Anne Darwin, the ‘canoe’ couple from Seaton Carew (just love that placename). Six years, my initial reaction was ‘that’s not too long’, but then I began comparing it to other publicised cases, hit and run drivers who kill and are given 20 month sentences, drunk drivers who kill and receive 4 1/2 years, actually, in the scheme of things, 6 years is quite a hefty jail term when compared to some given to those who have killed. What did the Darwins do? Terrible the deception for their sons, wicked the call-out of the lifeboat, air/sea rescue and the waste of the police time but did they kill anyone? No. They defrauded insurance companies, they are made an example to the rest of us. Unfortunately the message I have decoded is that the courts regard deception as worse than taking a life.

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