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Fly Past

So there I was planting my fuschias when overhead was the roar of multiple jet engines, I looked up and was surprised to see a formation of RAF jets, Tornados. As I was recovering my composure I heard a distant rumble, more air-power heading my way, I leapt over the flower bed I had been carefully manoevering around, trampling any foliage in my path, and grabbed my camera from the kitchen. I was not to be disappointed huge transport planes thundered overhead, quickly followed by a Nimrod, a couple of tornados and a couple of larger planes I couldn’t identify, then another formation, this time typhoons. It was wonderful, my own personal airshow, finished off with a lone Spitfire. I know, it wasn’t done to lift my spirits, it had started off over London for HRH’s birthday and was heading to do a fly past for a RAF base’s Family Day but they certainly made me a happy little gardener, shame there were no Red Arrows though.

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