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The BIG day

All went well at son’s wedding. The only disaster was that the person videoing the speeches pressed the pause button and missed the Groom’s and Best Man’s speeches, which was a shame since they were both excellent. No point bewailing it though, can’t turn the clock back.

The Bride looked beautiful, the Groom was handsome and the venue was perfect.

Amy, Jack and I danced the night away. After years of attempting to lure Hubby on to the dance floor so I would have a dancing companion I have solved the problem, take the Grandchildren to events with me!

My outfit was great, except for the ‘slimming body suit’ which gave up on it’s task after about 3 hours. If you look carefully at the photo you will note that the shoulder straps are extremely thin and really just a continuation of the edging around the top. I hadn’t even danced when one side decided to cease it’s association with the body of the suit, as a result I became the lop-sided woman. Nothing to do about it, just a shame that the suit is the only underwear you wear and, as I hadn’t got a spare set of underwear in my clutch bag, I was stuffed. Only thing I could do was drown my embarassment with the odd drink, or two.


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