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My brain hurts

Tuesday is the day I might stop being a midwife. I haven’t won the lottery, a national newspaper hasn’t offered me a post as a journalist, no, nothing so positive is going to happen on T-Day, what will possibly (probably) happen is that I will fail my drugs calculation test.

I have been desperately practising my calculations courtesy of this Lanarkshire NHS web-site, I have an 80% success rate, unfortunately our pass rate is 100%, whoops. It’s the 80kg men requiring mcgms that I can’t get my head around, I seem to underdose them, it’s the mg/kg/hr that gets me every time, too many variables.

I know we have to be 100% correct with drug calculations. I am also aware when I am unsure and, we always have to check IV, IM and controlled drugs with a colleague. I know, I’m just trying to defend my shortcomings and excuse my inability to make sense of number sequences but, give me a prescription chart and the medication with it’s advice sheet and I can work out what the patient requires. There is obviously some vital component missing in my brain which should facilitate successful ‘mock’ calculations.

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