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Bloggers in hiding?


What’s going on? I was reading Homebirth Debate, yes the scab I can’t help but pick and I clicked on the link to mamamidwifemadness and was met by a ‘blogger’ message telling me that the blog may only be accessed by invited readers. How annoying, now I can’t read the other side of the story Dr Amy has been writing about. Reading Amy’s interpretation it seems to me that there were examples of an American midwife’s management of an incident at a homebirth on this site, now I’ll never know what went on, and how the case was managed. I’ll never know if Dr Amy was right to be her usual scathing self.

I carried on my tour of interesting ( to me ) blogs and went to Cremede, a blog written by a Student Midwife who often makes really good comments about maternity care and cases that she as witnessed. Same message. I feel sad about that.

Why have they done this? Was it because they were receiving abusive comments? I have no idea but from experience, when commenting on Homebirth Debate, and especially NHS Blog Doctor, there can be some pretty foul and confrontational language used by other commentators. I used to respond to these antagonists as if they were worth my attention, even though were nearly always ‘anonymous’, perhaps ‘coward’ would be a more appropriate sobriquet. Now I just ignore those persons who are unable to express themselves without using profanity and verbal aggression, they are not worth the effort. I hope they have not stopped sharing their experiences because of other’s behaviour, can bullying and harassment happen on the internet and, if it can, how can it be controlled? 

Image comes from How To Spot A Cyber Bully

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