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Another birthday, Amy’s. Today little pumpkin is 3. There was a major party at her house, I lost count of the number of toddlers and babies, the noise was incredible. I had received strict instructions from the birthday girl about her requirements for the birthday cake; a pink bear, with a yellow flower and a green ribbon. I cheated by using a bear-shaped tin, she seemed pleased with my effort and that’s what counts.

Son called round just as the party started, and shocked his sisters with how ill he looks. It’s only 5 days since we last saw him but he looks really ill today, a waxy-yellow and very drawn. Talking to him he disclosed that he has lost 1 stone in 2 weeks. He had just been to see his Consultant as he is in a great deal of pain and is unable to eat anything much at the moment, she has changed his medication, hopefully that will send this flare-up of his ulcerative colitis into remission in time for his wedding, only 2 weeks away now. I feel really sorry for him, horrid disease to have. There is a query as to whether it is an autoimmune disease and this makes me feel guilty that I may have made him more susceptible since I have thyroiditis and rheumatoid arthritis, both autoimmune disorders, and the thyroid disease being familial as both my Mother and Sister have it. In one of the pages I have read about ulcerative colitis they suggest that breastfeeding may provide protection against it, well it didn’t in my Son’s case, it also didn’t prevent him from having infantile eczema, so he is an exception to the rule, I suspect that he may be one of many.

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