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Sunny times

Jamie and Louis enjoying the sunshine

This has been a real family weekend. Yesterday morning Jack and Izzy were deposited at Nanny’s house so their Mummy and Daddy could have a responsibilty free 24 hours. Thankfully they were both wonderful, happy little souls who behaved like angels, even letting Nanny sleep until 7.45. Their Mummy and Daddy returned at midday today and then Amy, the Twins and their Mummy and Daddy arrived. Grandad barbequed up a storm, even making home-made beefburgers, whilst Nanny’s contribution was baked alaska, not home-made, and a huge jug of Pimms. I just love it when the weather is like this, it’s as good as family-life gets, the children have the freedom of the garden, Jack and Amy have just started making a ‘secret’ camp and are making their first attempts at climbing trees, plus there’s the added bonus of out-door life definitely making them sleep better.

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