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Last night I went on a Hen Night and came home bedecked with a fluffy, pink headband which advertised the fact that I am Mother of the Groom. I thought that Hen Nights were supposed to be libacious affairs, this one wasn’t, perhaps 3 pregnant, 2 breastfeeding participants were the reason. Back to work officially tomorrow, can’t say I’m looking forward to it, I can thing of more exciting/enjoyable pastimes on a Bank Holiday. Today son and DIL came round and we had our first listen to baby, how amazing to hear my (fingers crossed) next Grandchild), and how wonderful to share their joy. DIL has asked me to do her antenatal care, I asked her to run it past son and I will run it past my manager. This what their baby looks now!

Amazing. I ‘borrowed’ the photo from this site which also has wonderful videos of 4D scans and images of the developing fetus from conception to term.

My old job-share, she moved away in August, has been telling me about her new post. The lucky midwife is  working in a stand-alone birth centre, 2 pools, a patio, a really relaxed atmosphere, I was so jealous as she was talking about it, and then she went on to tell me about the community midwives and I turned a lovely shade of emerald green, they have caseloads of 70 women. When K first told me I thought that she was talking about ‘real’ caseloading, where the midwife provides true continuity through the pregnancy, birth and postnatally, I was amazed that they have such large caseloads as this type of care provision should entail a max of 35 women per year per midwife. Then she turned the envy dial up by correcting me, they have a 70 woman caseload whilst providing the same model of care as we do with caseloads of 170, perhaps a move to the West Country would be a good idea.

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