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Bearing gifts

I have spent the last week avoiding various family members due to the 24 sickness bug which is currently doing the rounds. Mean? Yes but there is a rationale to this. Our Trust’s policy is that if you have a gastro-intestinal upset you cannot return to work for 24 hours following the last explosive bout. I have just been off work for 10 weeks and I think that I would possibly be the most unpopular colleague ever if I went off sick as soon as I returned. Plus, I HATE being sick, any sort of ‘sick’ but particularly vomiting. So, having treated all my children and grandchildren as pariahs, I am totally unimpressed to have one of my women come to clinic today, explain that her daughter is with her as they both have the sickness bug and then said daughter throws up over my bag. I am left clearing up the mess and wondering why I steered clear of my family when they would have benefited from my assistance only to have some idiotic woman knowingly bring the same bug to me.

Last night my sister and I had a reunion, not with each other, but with an Italian man who used to live with our family. There is an odd story behind all this, not least how we managed to have an Italian living with us when we were young. I have no idea what the whole history was, I was about 14 when he arrived so it was just one of things that happen when you have an out of the norm family, but suddenly there was an Italian, 2 years older than me, who was treated like one of the family. We lost touch soon after I married, he returned to Italy and then moved to Australia, where he still lives. My sister tracked him down last year, our mother has been out to the southern hemisphere to visit, and last night Matilda and I went to the Hilton to meet him. Weird, but wonderful. It was a lovely evening, no awkwardness just a lot of catching up on the last 30 years! It is true though, time does fly. My memory is off a slim, dark-haired youth. His memory was of a slim, hippy chick. I saw an overweight, grey-haired, bespectacled, corporate, businessman. He saw an overweight, respectable, grandmother but as we chatted I realised that both of us are exactly the same as when we used to hit the town together and soon I was back chatting to that young Italian who had come to live with us.

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