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I’m back, nearly

First day back and nothing changes. Should have been a 3 hour stint, that’s what I will be paid for, but I have just finished and it has been 5 hours. Clinic was great, everyone seemed pleased to have me back and it was lovely to catch up with my women, most of those I saw today are due to give birth over the next 2 weeks. No nasty surprises, all very straightforward, one of them suspected that she may be in labour but as the room I was in had no curtains or blinds I didn’t feel comfortable examining her at the clinic so went round to her house afterwards to assess if much was happening, it is but it is very early stages, so gave things a good stir and hopefully that will spur her body into action. After that I went and booked someone who is 12 weeks, she had only just registered as she couldn’t make up her mind whether to keep the baby, I’ll have a metaphorical slapped wrist for a booking after 12 weeks but it can’t be helped in this scenario. Quite a pleasant little re-entry into the land of the workers really, a little vignette just to whet the appetite.

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