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Last night Hubby and I went to watch our boy/man play football, league cup final otherwise I wouldn’t have been tempted! Sat in the stand, and froze. At the end of 90 minutes they were 1-1, so off we went into extra time, at the end of that the score was 2-2, by this time I was not bothered who won, just somebody please score. Now we are into penalties, score, score, miss, miss all even until the final penalty taker and…………he missed, and it was son’s best man. I was so happy I could try and get warm, but so sad for one of the nicest lads/men around. His poor wife is 7 months pregnant, she sat and froze for 2 hours but then went into the club-house so missed the end, I bet she is going to have a very other half for the next few days.

Hubby and I hadn’t eaten before the match, we thought a nice meal afterwards would be good. Of course we hadn’t anticipated extra-time etc. To make matters worse there was a diversion when we left so we couldn’t access the M25. As seems to be the norm the diversion signs took us about 5 miles, and then stopped, somewhere in Chipping Barnet. We eventually made our way home via Enfield, where I lived whilst at college and Palmers Green where I went to school, both of these places being a good 30 miles from where we live. I really enjoyed seeing all those places I haven’t seen since a teenager, Hubby was cross, cross and crosser. We got home at 11.30, still hungry as we hadn’t stopped, and still absolutely chilled to the bone.

It just goes to show that children do not cause problems for 18 years, they do for life.


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