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Nearly there

I saw the doc today, not my own G.P as he’s on holiday but a lovely, friendly, chatty new guy. He was doubtful about me returning to work but agreed as long I do nothing requiring lifting, pulling or pushing, he even wrote that on my ‘sick’ note. Next hurdle is the review by occupational health but listening to other people they just go with the flow. If I don’t get back to work soon I think Hubby and I could be needing the services of a solicitor specialising in marital disputes! Hubby works from home and I think the 24 hours per day, with hardly any respite, is causing us to irritate each other.

On the twin front, they are both rolling madly around the floor. They are able to sit by themselves but they derive far more pleasure from being able to explore at ground level. Louis has just got his first tooth and by the colour of Jamie’s cheeks, and the amount that he is dribbling, he won’t be that far behind. Most of the time I can tell them apart but other people, including their sister, still cannot decide which baby they are talking to.

I made it out into the garden today and surveyed what I need to do since the new next door neighbours built a brick wall between our gardens as part of their landscaping of a previously neglected garden. When building the wall they dug out the existing hedge and disrupted/destroyed some shrubs adjacent to it and when it was finished the builders back filled the trench using soil from the weed infested garden, so now I have a metre wide strip of soil, the length of my garden, which is growing nothing except ground elder, a particularly nasty weed. Looks like before I start planting I had better undertake some serious physical and chemical weed control.

Tomorrow evening will see me standing, hopefully not in the rain, watching son play football. I usually avoid this pastime but it’s a cup final and he has requested our support so I feel duty bound to be there. What generally ends up happening is that I become involved in the match and become one of those Mothers who shouts abuse at any nasty boy who hurts the apple of my eye. Yes, he is 29, and no, it doesn’t matter how old they are, they are still your little boy!


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