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Toe dipping

Yesterday I met job-share at her clinic so that I could start bringing myself back up to speed on work issues. I havn’t been signed back yet but I am anticipating that I will be back in a week, possibly with some restrictions but I will definitely be doing the routine stuff. Job-share was just going through the new bookings when I saw a name I recognised, ‘That will be fun’ was my reaction, and said in a sarcastic tone, an extremely difficult, unpleasant family, somewhere you really don’t want to visit alone. Then she bought me up to date on our ‘concerning’ case. A lady, with moderate learning difficulties, previous child in foster care, partner on the sex-offender’s register and now 30 weeks pregnant following fertility treatment (clomid) from the G.P. When asked why he had prescribed Clomid for this lady, in light of the family history, the G.P told us that it would be unethical not to give her the same treatment as any other woman with fertility issues. I do question this, even from the ethical perspective. How ethical is it to knowingly facilitate a pregnancy in someone who is unable to provide the baby with basic care, the other child was removed from their care at 4 weeks for physical neglect. C really wants this baby but she is utterly unable to care for it. They are going to require a huge amount of support, they had that last time but it still was not enough, how will it be different this time? Plus, the partner is now known to have an ‘unhealthy interest in young girls’, this baby is a girl. He also has some degree of learning difficulty, nothing like as poor as C’s, will he differentiate right from wrong sexually when it comes to his own child? By the time we know the answer to that one she may be an abused little girl. It is all just too complex and unfortunate to contemplate really. It would be one issue if C had conceived without medical assistance, or if this was her first pregnancy, or she was with a different partner but combine all the factors and I feel really unhappy with the G.P’s actions. Other than those two our pregnant women all appear to be progressing well and not presenting with too many issues. I’m quite looking forward to leaping back in there! 

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Mrs Fixit

Daughter has dishwasher problems, a subject close to my heart. Last week, her little stand-in for the marigolds, decided to make odd noises and started to dispense smoke around her kitchen, as it was still under a year old the engineer was summoned. He found the problem quickly, a pip stuck in the motor. Yesterday I had a phone call from son-in-law telling me that the appliance had once again filled their kitchen with smoke, this time minus any noise at all, and that the engineer was coming around today. Cogs clanked slowly around in my brain and what he was hinting at flashed before me, ‘Do you want me to be there?’ I asked.  ‘Please, but don’t let (daughter) know I phoned you.’ So, from 12 noon until 5 today I will be awaiting the repair man. This may seem an odd situation if it were not for the fact that 2 years ago we had a dishwasher fire whilst we were asleep, the fire brigade told us that if it were not for our smoke detectors we would be dead, my two cats did die and the resultant damage was enough to move us out of our home for 4 months. Perhaps this explains why SIL, who is off on a golfing weekend is so concerned about an errant dishwasher and why he feels that I may be the person to oversee the repair and discuss the situation with the repair man. My first question will be about the ‘pip’.

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