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Adding up

This afternoon I have a study session, drug calculations. Lucky old me. It’s quite scary really as I have been told, chinese whispers, that if we fail it is instant dismissal and since I’m certain that I have a type of dyslexia involving numbers then I’m not too sure of my success. Before anyone starts getting worried about my safety in calculating dosages and rates etc., as I’m so ill at ease with my arithmetic abilities I have my own system which involves triple paper calculations, then I use a calculator, then I check with a colleague and then I’m happy. I’m not sure if the examiner will be too impressed with the numerous bits of paper required to reach an answer. My problem is not that the numbers are unclear or transposed it’s just that when I look at them they are just numbers so each one has to be considered individually. Perhaps it’s the same for most people, I just expect it to be like reading where a sentence is there and instantly understood.

It’s my birthday today all I asked for was balloons and flowers, and I got them both!

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