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One down

Have just returned from my consultant appointment, apparently all is well, which is good since my notes have gone missing! The ‘phantom pregnancy’ is just inflammation from the internal stitches which are ‘dragging’ my muscles together. I can expect this to slowly decrease over the next 6 months. I asked about returning to work and received the reply ‘When you feel ready’. That’s beautifully open ended, especially as I am rather enjoying having zero stress placed upon me. Yes, I’m suffering intense boredom at times but now I know that I can up my activity levels and, with spring arriving, the garden is is desperate need of some TLC and so that should stop me twiddling my thumbs. My thoughts at the moment are that I shall start doing everyday tasks, including gardening and pushing a supermarket trolley ( I tried that last week and tummy was so sore afterwards that I had to reach for the analgesia) and if all goes well I shall go back in a week. I think that’s fair. I’m musing here really, I could go back tomorrow if it was just clinics, but a normal working day involves lugging around heavy bags and gas cylinders and physically supporting women in labour.

Anyway, seeing G.P this P.M, I’ll run it past him and see what he thinks.


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