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Feet finding

Reflexology – disturbing experience. Someone sits there, massages some lovely, lavender lotion on your feet and proceeds to tell you your medical history, unprompted and freakishly accurate. Right down to the fact that you grind your teeth when you sleep. Mildly uncomfortable experience until they hit upon an area which feels very bruised and has the sensation that on object the size of a cherry stone is under the skin. ‘Hmm’ she goes, ‘that’s your uterus, and there’s something in it. Doesn’t feel like a baby.’ (Well it would be amazing if I had got a baby growing in there because I had my tubes clamped 20 plus years ago). She continued thumb prodding this point for ages, apparently she was hoping to break it up, lets just hope it isn’t a baby. After she had finished with my tootsies we had a chat about the problem. I related my comment to my G.P about having a 16 week uterus and so she palpated my abdomen and came to the same conclusion as me, except she thought more like 18 weeks (she is a midwife as well as a reflexologist). What now? Well, I’m seeing the consultant on Thursday, and if he is unsure of what my lump is shall ask for a scan, I would really like an answer, and if possible a solution. I don’t think I will mention reflexology, he doesn’t strike me as the type of medic who is open to ‘alternative’ therapies but, there again, I wouldn’t say that I usually hold them up as reliable remedies or diagnostic tools. I mean, really, believing that your feet hold the key to your well-being! Gullible, me? Yes, when clutching at straws.


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