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I have a sat nav, which I hardly ever use but we decided that since we were going to far, far climes we would not do our usual route finder printout but allow the little gizmo to take us safely to the wedding in York. On the way up we didn’t ask her help until Nottingham, even we could manage to get on the M1 and sit in several traffic jams for 3 hours. After stopping for a ‘comfort break’ I powered up our little box of tricks and listened intently as she guided us faultlessly to our hotel. I have to admit that I did sit there studying a map, just to ensure that she wasn’t about to deposit us in some beautiful scenery, and I agreed with her that the route she chose was direct and concise.

We were in York for a wedding, it all went wonderfully. The snow stayed away, the sun shone and not one punch was thrown. I enjoyed an interesting chat with a gentleman who helps to decide social policy. After about 20 minutes of him questioning whether or not pregnant women require any medical care, his suggestion being that they are not unwell and should therefore be capable of seeking help when their pregnancies deviated from normality, I realised that he was playing Devil’s Advocate and wanted to see how I would justify the role, and the cost, of midwives. We spent an hour verbally jousting, at the end of which he congratulated me on not losing my temper, he has no idea how close I came to it!

On the way home from York we decided to use sat nav Sarah from the start. All went well, she even found a shortcut to the M62. Once we got on to the M1 we were slightly confused when she told us we would be going for quite a short distance, I had a moments concern that I may have entered the wrong destination but that wasn’t right so I got out the map and tried to second guess her. Eventually I decided that Sarah thought that going M40 would be better, I passed this on to Hubby, we voted to go with her and see what happened. As we toured some beautiful little Warwickshire villages Hubby decided that we were using a satellite sponsored by the Warwickshire Tourist Board. I was right, Sarah did, eventually, navigate us to the M40 but via the most tortuous route possible, luckily we were not in a hurry otherwise I think Sarah would now be residing in the Wheelie Bin.

Halfway home my mobile rang. Daughter’s friend, who is having a homebirth, was round at their house having lunch and her ‘water’s’ had gone, what should they do? My advice was to protect the chair she was sitting on and finish lunch. I had asked if the waters were clear and if she had any contractions, they were and she hadn’t!


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Easter message

Jack (aged 3) – Nanny do you know what happens at Easter?

Nanny – The Easter bunny gives you Easter eggs.

Jack – Yes, I did get Easter eggs and I got them because Jesus grows again.

Nanny – Yes. Mmm. (Unsure what to say to this theological perspective)

Jack – Yes, Jesus grows again and so we are all happy.

Not quite sure how he will interpret transubstantiation.

Jack’s Mummy – It’s ‘rose’, not ‘grows’ Jack. Jesus rose again.

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