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NHS Direst

I am really impressed by NHS Direct the service they provide is so efficient and accessible. I had suggested to daughter that she could phone them and ask for advice as I was unsure of what was the best course of action regarding medication for Jamie. Daughter and partner have both had a 24 hour stomach bug which, for them, entailed severe colicky abdo pain, no vomiting. This evening Jamie has been vomiting violently all round their house, that’s different to his Mummy’s and Daddy’s symptoms but he does have the abdo pain and is extremely unhappy and obviously very uncomfortable. Daughter phoned me and asked what to give him, gripe water and/or Medised, or nothing? That’s when I suggested NHS Direct as I had no idea about medication, I just used to starve my babes when they had tummy bugs.

Ten minutes after talking to daughter she phoned me back and asked if I had ever rung them. I had, shortly after they set-up shop, when Hubby had hurt his back on a Saturday evening and was completely immobile. They were less than useful. Anyway she sounded happy, they must have been informative. Apparently they asked a multitude of questions, age of baby, duration of symptoms, colour of vomit, level of consciousness, any head injury etc. Daughter tried saying that she just needed advice about medication as she knew what was wrong with Jamie, unfortunately the person she was speaking to needed to pass all the info over to an advisor who would the phone her back. Brilliant, so it’s not just someone working from an algorithm who has no medical knowledge, it will be someone who has specialised knowledge, only problem is that it will be 5 hours before they get back to her. That’s right, 5 hours!! I smiled, speaks volumes about today’s health service. Anyway, after brainstorming possible implications daughter and I have decided that gripe water is the way forward. She is looking forward to their phonecall at 1am.

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