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Flowing freely

Yes, our drains our unblocked! I’m now trying to compose a ‘non-confrontational’ letter to our neighbours about the part their tree roots are playing in our sewer problems. We have a ‘shared’ sewer in that their drains connect with ours in a man-hole cover near the top of our drive about 5 feet from a huge robinia they have just on their side of the boundary. A couple of years ago we had our drains re-lined as the tree roots had started to cause problems just before our drains enter the shared man-hole, this time though the problem was caused on the shared side of the man-hole so we really have a shared responsibility. I shall suggest to them, with photocopies of the works sheets, that if the problem arises again they should bear the responsibility for having them cleared but that the sensible action would be to remove the offending tree. This should be interesting as they are not the most amenable people to live next door to.

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