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Bodily waste continued

So, the insurance we had to cover our drains is turning out to be a right pain in the backside. Off went the solitary lad at about 10am to fill up his tank, and no one has been seen since. Washing-up is accumulating in the kitchen, toilets are desperately in need of flushing, there have been no showers or baths for 2 days now and we still have an odourous pool of effluent outside the back door. We phoned at 3pm and they promised that 2 outside engineers would be here by 5pm, deja vue, I remember them saying that yesterday. Reading our policy I have discovered that if the house is uninhabitable they have to pay to put us up in an hotel, 5pm will see me invoking that benefit. I consider that if I can’t wash or attend to other necessary bodily functions then that makes a place uninhabitable. Am I right?


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Well, apart from the cowl blowing off our chimney and a short interruption to our power we are faring okay. My much anticipated trip to Ikea is off as friend has no power and they have a tree down by their house but I have other woes to contend with.

Yesterday morning Hubby said that there was a nasty smell emanating from the garage, I suggested that he check the man-hole cover, lo and behold the effluent was half way up the hole. Never fear though, since a time when he went away on a golfing weekend and I called a plumber in to repair the boiler, which then required a second mortgage to pay his bill, we have taken out insurance on absolutely everything to do with the functioning of services to our house. I phoned the company, someone will be here before 5pm. At 6pm I phoned them again, here within the hour they promised. At 7.30 he arrived, with his trusty rods, and after 20 minutes admitted defeat. They will contact you in the morning. At 11.20pm, luckily we were still awake, they phoned us to say that they would be back in the morning and apologised for sending a plumber rather than an outside engineer.

9am this morning a truck arrived, complete with power jet thingy to blow away any blockages or, as happened, overflow the sewer by our access to the backdoor and garden, foul, really foul effluent. I went out, one young lad attempting to feed the pipe up the sewer, run back to the pump and turn it on, run back to the man-hole to push it through, and then run back to the pump to turn it off when it all overflows. I told him that next doors sewers run in to ours so he went to see if they had a problem. Now these are the neighbours who erected a fence on our property, told their tree surgeons that it was fine to use our drive to pile up logs from the tree they were having lopped and  caused multiple problems for the neighbours the other side. The lady of the house said that as her husband wasn’t in she was not prepared to help, she would have problems anyway as they have put a decking patio over their man-hole!  Just a little illustration here of how ridiculous they are. A couple of days ago the wind blew a Tesco’s carrier bag from somewhere else on to our flat roof, I kept an eye open for when it would reappear so I could dispose of it. Well, it did reappear, tied into a handy knot to give it some weight by a wall that separates us from our delightful idiots next door. It had obviously flown off our roof and into their garden and rather than throw it away they had returned it to us, it wasn’t even ours. Plonkers. 

Back to the outside engineer. Thankfully his reservoir has now run out of water so he has gone to refill it. Hubby has gone down to Tesco to use their facilities, such a regular chap! 

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