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Hubby and I just eating dinner and the phone rings. Hubby answers it. He says ‘Hello Jack. Yes that’s right. You want to speak to Nanny now?’ and he passes the phone to me.

‘Hello Nanny, it’s Jack. We live on Earth. What planet are you from?’

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Big banks spam

I have so many bank accounts that I didn’t know I had but I must have them because I’m receiving requests to update my details with them. The E-Mails all tell me to click on a link, the last one, from Lloyds TSB, even told me that completing the form was mandatory. Halifax reminded me that I needed to put in my account number, I didn’t bother to read the ones  from Bank of America or Barclays, as I’m not into on-line banking and don’t have accounts with them, so quite frankly ‘I couldn’t give a damn’ if they are going to stop me accessing any funds, what funds? I expect that by a process of elimination I will receive a ‘request’ from the bank I am with, but that will be ignored as well.

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