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G.P’s in demand

Not so many years ago I could phone up and book an appointment to see my G.P that day, or a week in advance. I was never asked if it was an emergency, I never felt that I was an imposition. Fast forward. Last week I saw my G.P and he asked me to see him in 4 weeks to assess my recovery from my op and decide whether I was fit for work or not. Stupidly I didn’t make the appointment there and then. Today I phoned requesting an appointment for 3 weeks time, guess what, there are no spaces. In the end the practice manager has authorised an appointment, 2 days after my sickness certificate runs out, three days after the date I requested. It is all becoming very strange. It used to be that you waited months for an out-patient appointment to see a consultant, and then waited months for your op. Now you wait a month for your consultant appointment and then 6 weeks for your operation. Soon it will be quicker to see a Doc at the hospital than your G.P. Is this the cause for full A&E departments, people desperate to see a Doctor?

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