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Queuing for a midwife? 

So the maternity services are going to have 1,000 extra midwives over the next year and by 2012 there will be a total of 4,000 more midwives for the hospital and community. Alan Johnson has said ‘midwives’  not maternity care assistants, lets just see if this is what really happens ( cynic, moi ). Good link here for the statement, plus notes to editors, from the Government News Network.

Obvously I’m really happy, ecstatic in fact but…………….Labour has promised that ‘every woman should be supported by the same midwife throughout her pregnancy’ by the end of 2009, how is this supposed to happen when only 25% of the number of midwives required to provide a ‘safe standard’ will have been recruited by then? In ‘Maternity Matters’, the 2007 publication from the DoH, 4 promises are made to women and their families, Choice of how to access maternity care; Choice of type of antenatal care; Choice of place of birth and finally Choice of postnatal care. Hang on there, rewind,  Choice of postnatal care – After going home, women and their partners will have a choice of how and where to access postnatal care. This will be provided either at home or in a community setting, such as a Sure Start Children’s Centre’. Well, well, so Government promised, about a year ago, that by the end of 2009 women (and their partners) can choose to have postnatal care at home. So what is this about polyclinics then and the reconfiguration of primary care where ‘polyclinics will offer access to antenatal and postnatal care’.? Confused? Well I am. Which promises should I believe? Should I, we, believe any promises?


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