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Son, who is decorating his bedroom, just phoned. From Hubby’s end of the conversation I gathered that whilst putting the radiator back on he broke the pipe and they now have water gushing out, on to their new carpet and down into their sitting-room. There was much, ‘ I had warned you about using equal pressure ‘, ‘ find the feed for the central heating system, shut it off and then drain the system ‘. I remember Hubby doing exactly the same thing years ago but luckily it was in a bedroom over the garage so we didn’t have to worry about any rooms underneath, so he’s been there, dealt with that. He came off the phone and I fully expected him to high-tail it over to Son’s, but he didn’t. I said why wasn’t he going over there and he said than Son hadn’t asked him to. Men, they are so poor at reading sub-texts. I said he should go over there, he responded that he hadn’t been asked. I said that he should have offered, he said son would have asked. Now, if this had been one of the girls having a problem I had some knowledge about, I would have offered, and if I hadn’t she would have asked. I don’t think they are any less independent or able than their brother, they are sensible and appreciate that sometimes tasks are easier if shared. Men, oh no, they are so pig-headed that they won’t ask and so empathetically retarded that they can’t identify a cry for help.


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