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Twin trouble


I love this photo. I found it whilst trying to discover how so many people are tracking down my ‘Placentae’ entry. It was on this website and came originally from the Daily Mail, if you like seeing the most amazing images on a wonderful ‘blog’ site, then this is the place for you. ( Gosh I’ve just re-read this and it could be interpreted as me saying my blog is wonderful and the place to see amazing images. That’s not what I was saying, the earlier link was the place to visit for that!)

The twins, oh bless my daughter, they are hard work. Yesterday she and her little brood came to see me, and by the time they left I was shattered and emotional. Amy bought Nanny a pink polyanthus and we had lots of snuggles and story-telling, whilst in the back-ground Louis was the most upset baby, ever. He was inconsolable, daughter thinks that the boys may be teething, all I know is that little Lou was sobbing as if he had just been brutally beaten the whole time there were round, about two hours. I felt totally useless as I couldn’t pick him or Jamie up, I couldn’t even cuddle them as my abdomen is still too sore. My poor daughter was on the verge of tears and looked exhausted. I remember, when Jack was born, feeling really cross with him when he wouldn’t breastfeed as it was upsetting my daughter. Yesterday I didn’t feel cross in the same way with Louis, as he sounded so sad, but I did feel annoyed with him and cross with myself for being a useless ‘blob’ and I felt enormous frustration at not being able to ease the burden for daughter. I spoke to her this morning and she sounded more positive but, as she said, she spends most of her life at the moment ‘clutching at straws’. It has to get easier. When Hubby and I were in Jersey last year we met a lovely couple who had a toddler and twins, they told us that life was ‘hell’ until the twins were 7 months old, well if the Boys follow that then in about a months time things should get easier. All I’m wondering is, should we add on another month as they came 4 weeks early?

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