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Placental interest

WordPress provide a ‘stats’ service which allows bloggers to observe which posts receive the most traffic, my stats are showing me that there is an huge interest at the moment in my ‘Placentae’ post. Why this surge in interest? I have absolutely no idea, I can only hazard a guess that a cohort of student midwives must be doing an assignment on the Third Stage of Labour or on the structure of the placenta and when searching they have happened upon this entry. Musing on this I realised that they may be using the photos of the twin’s placenta. I haven’t got a problem with this, especially if it is being used in the learning process, but I would like to know if photos are being used elsewhere on the web so have put a little message on my side bar, hope people read it!

On the ‘stats’ page we can also see what search terms people have used on the way to our blogs and this is now giving me an idea for entries. I’m thinking that once a week, or so, I will pick a search term that seems particularly popular, interesting or poignant and write an entry based on it, I’m quite excited about it as it could make me expand, review and revise my current knowledge base.

Clips out today, virtually painless. Not surprised that there is a section that is not healed, ‘gaping’ is how the nurse described it, and then promptly covered it with a dressing. I never heal particularly well so I’m not particuarly worried, just fed-up that I can’t shower for a couple of days. I also saw the G.P who reassured me that my ‘slow’ recovery was not in fact ‘slow’, it is just that I am impatient ( I think he really wanted to say that I am not a ‘good’ patient).

Job-share partner has been a gem, keeping my spirits up, updating me on how my women are doing and reporting back on ‘happenings’ at work. The other day she popped into one of the units and looked through the labour ward delivery book and was horrified at the number of PPH’s, she chatted to one of the labour ward managers about the high rates, the manager believes that it is pressure of work, i.e not enough midwives, which is contributing to the problem. Anyway, it has got me thinking so I think there will be a Third Stage Management entry coming very shortly.

I saw Jack and Izzy today for the first time since my op, it’s only 2 weeks but they have changed. With Jack it was his widening vocabulary, he now sounds so grown up and as for Izzy, well her walking is so confident now, she is even incorporating little dances and hand-clapping, last time I saw her she was a baby, now she’s a toddler. Tomorrow I see Amy and the boys, I love being a Grandmother!


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