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Negative thoughts

Perusing other blogs I came across this one, The Local Dialect. It is written by an American who is now living in China and has just had a baby boy. She touches upon rituals associated with childbirth and, in a previous post, talks about the problems of being Rhesus negative in a country where only 1% of the population don’t have the rhesus antigen. I was surprised by the low percentage so looked up ethnicity and prevalence and found that there are very definite differences. Wikipedia quote stats showing that the 1% figure is not just in Japan and China but also Africa and amongst native American. For Caucasians the rate is 16% but those of European Basque descent have a rate of 35%. A response writen by a genetist supports these differences but it requires far more concentration to understand!

Talking of ethnicity, yet another piece of paper to be filled in when we book a woman. Apparently just ticking the box in the national pregnancy notes and filling in the box marked ethnicity on the blood forms will not suffice, no an A4 carbonated form (triplicate) has to be completed as well. Come on you bureaucrats, surely you can do better than this, there must be so many more forms, duplicating information, that you can design, (wonder how much that costs?) ensuring that I can spend even more than  30% of my time on paperwork.   

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