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Sunday is family day

Today has been a minimised family meal. I decided to try being a ‘mini’ domestic goddess and make, from scratch, two different puddings. My first choice was apple cake, a known family favourite, and easy as we still had cooking apples on the tree, and then I saw a recipe for Panforte. Mmm, that looks tasty, I thought, didn’t seem too difficult. Zoomed to Tesco’s, plain chocolate, runny honey, cocoa. Got back, checked the recipe again, ‘blow, blow ,blow,’ I forgot the rice paper. Back in the car, local store, no rice paper, back to Tesco’s, now teeming with eager shoppers. Rice paper, where do they have it, they must have it. Ask assistant, it’s not called ‘rice paper’ anymore, now it’s wafer paper, but they did have it. I am so sad that I carried it around the shop like a pennant, one so they didn’t think I was shoplifting but also so that people would know that I baked! I will never bake it again, it’s messy and cleaning the utensils takes serious elbow grease. Family meal, oh yes, Jack, Izzy and their Mummy and Daddy couldn’t come because of a prior engagement and Amy’s Daddy didn’t come due to a ‘foot in the mouth’ incident yesterday which has resulted in an icy 24 hours between him and daughter. It was a case of a man not thinking before he spoke, and then refusing to accept that what he had said was hurtful. Talking of icy, it’s snowing here at the moment, only settling on cars and my head at the moment. Yeah, Christmas is coming, and to really bring that home Amy is in her nursery nativity play, and is an angel. I’m really looking forward to being the proud Nanny and watching her and her friends.

I’m used to people asking questions at clinic, and I usually have an answer but I was stumped the other day. Gestational diabetes, how does the pregnancy affect the pancreas? ‘Oh bloody hell’ was my response ‘I have no idea. Now I’m going to have to find out’. The couple laughed, and the women said I should just have blagged my way out. I said that unfortunately that’s not my personality, I hate not having answers, to anything, it could be a question or just if I can’t find something. I have found two sites which give me an answer, one of them even tests me to check how much of the information I’ve assimilated!


A snowy car!

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