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Wasting money in the NHS

Waste money + NHS? What’s that about? Well, if you have any ideas about how to save money, and what wastes money in that august body, but no one seems to listen, well here’s your chance to air your ideas (managers need not respond, I’ve had enough of your money saving schemes, on the whole they do not benefit patients or staff). ITV’s Tonight are looking into how large public bodies waste money –

Waste Watchers
If you work in, or are a user of, the NHS and  if you  think you’ve come across an example of money being wasted ,  then please email us at tonight@itv.com.   We promise to keep your identity confidential.

I love the way they phrase it, ‘think‘, there is no ‘think’ about it, money is wasted. Away days/weekends for managers; catered lunches, for managers, doctors, and the Trust board; all those alcohol gel dispensers for ‘cleaning’ hands when soap and water works better at eliminating C.Difficile. How’s that for starters? Anyone else got any ideas?


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