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Louis is home. The boys are reunited and Amy has her Mummy back!

Work today was relatively relaxed, sub-text means that I finished on time! I have been musing about 3 of the ladies that I saw at clinic,all had SPD or, as we now label it, pelvic girdle pain. Certainly this is a more accurate description as this condition involves the whole pelvis rather than just the symphysis. I am just amazed at how much more common this sometimes disabling condition has become. I do believe that modern lifestyle plays a part in the increase in the number of women experiencing it as I can’t think of any other reason why so many more pregnant women are presenting with it. During my updates last week we had a talk from a physio specialising in women’s health. Yes, there were reminders about pelvic floor exercises but she then went on to discuss pelvic girdle pain and one of her theories for it’s increased prevalance is women working later in their pregnancies. Of the 3 women I saw today with SPD 1 was a ‘stay at home Mum’ with a toddler, he requires carrying everywhere, on one hip, and the other 2 were 36 & 34 weeks, still working, taking the train and tube (lots of standing) and carrying briefcases and laptops (unbalanced loads). These examples would appear to support the physio’s supposition so how should I advise women? Stop working, start your maternity leave early, make your child walk, use a wheeled bag to carry your laptop etc., at least that is better than ‘we can’t do anything for you’ but it amounts to about the same thing.

To end on a really positive note. I booked a woman, L, today. She had been really patient as our first contact had been cancelled due to my shingles, then she was on holiday, and when I phoned her the other day, on my day off, to finalise our meeting Amy was in the background playing ‘copycat’ and echoing everything I said. Anyway, at the end of todays meeting L expressed her joy at being pregnant by saying ‘It’s like Christmas everyday’, it made her joy quite infectious.


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