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Back to the hospital

Ove the weekend Jamie has become quite poorly with a nasty cough. We saw him on Sunday and I told his Mummy that if he became any worse then she needed to take him to the Doctors. When I saw him he was quite wheezy, his breathing was slightly fast and he was flaring his nostrils ( a trick babies have to enable them to breathe in more air ). This morning daughter phoned and asked me to look after Amy, she has diahorrea and vomitting, whilst she took the boys to see the G.P. When I got round there I saw how much Jamie was struggling and warned her that the Doc may refer them to the hospital, I believe that forwarned is forarmed. Long story short, referral to paediatrician via A & E. Son-in-law decided to stay at home with Amy whilst I accompanied daughter and the twins to A & E, in our family the men-folk have problems coping with children who are really unwell. I think it’s a fear of showing emotion.

Staff on A & E were great. Triaged immediately. Sent straight to ‘resus’ as Jamie’s oxygen sats were rubbish, 80%, and his pulse rate was 180 bpm. He is now in a cubicle on children’s ward, in headbox oxygen, on a monitor and with a naso-gastric tube, he has bronchiolitis. This evening the paed came to review and whilst she was there decided to check Louis over. His chest is clear but………..she found a heart murmur. When she said this there was silence, poor old Louis again. Having just found out that his hearing is OK we thought that the only question mark left was his occult spina bifida but as the Doc said, at least he is seeing the neonatologist on Wednesday so there isn’t long to wait for a referral. Every cloud has a silver lining, I think.

It has been a long day, and it hasn’t finished for daughter who is staying in the hospital. Let’s just hope that the Docs are right and that today is crisis day and then a rapid improvement will follow.


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