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Wonderful news. I cried, because I am so happy and relieved. I know it’s small fry in comparison to the results that some people are waiting for but it has just made such a huge difference to us, and Louis. No longer will everyone be snapping their fingers, whistling, whispering, clapping etc. just to see if he responds. His Dad was already anticipating that Jamie would always be in trouble for fighting boys who were picking on his brother! I know it probably sounds incredibly melodramatic but I said to daughter that today felt as good as the day the boys were born, better because Louis is with us, not with strangers.

One hugely relieved Nanny.

A link to a press release about a new action group The National Maternity Support Foundation set up by parents who suffered a stillbirth due to totally unacceptable, or lack of care. They have suffered a catatstope, caused by cutbacks, far in excess of anything that we could have. Below are their aims and objectives –

“1. To preserve and protect the health of pregnant women and their babies by assisting in the provision of services or such other support not normally provided by statutory authorities as the trustees may from time to time determine.

2. To assist in the research into stillbirth and neonatal death for the public benefit.

These translate into our four key objectives as follows:-

1. Campaigning to help keep maternity services available, accessible, safe and well resourced

2. Ensure that prospective parents have all the information needed to make informed decisions

3. Being a resource for others to obtain information and support

4. Support and promote, in partnership with other organisations, further research into stillbirth and neonatal death”

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White noise

This is a ‘white noise’ entry because I’m trying to distract myself from thinking….and waiting…….and anticipating. Louis has his hearing test this morning. Enough said.

Lewis Hamilton has decided to leave Britain for Switzerland. I heard this on the news yesterday, accompanied by an interview in which he gave his reasons. I know I was sleep deprived, and therefore more than likely to be a little irascible, but when he gave one of his reasons for going I growled a couple of responses at the TV. What irritatedme? Apparently he is moving abroad, to Switzerland I believe, due to not being able to see family and friends because of media interest in him. Well of course, that makes perfect sense then, move abroad, away from your family and friends, you will be able to see them far more often. He probably has several really sound reasons for going, perhaps easier access to F1 training, definitely financial, and doubtless press intrusuion but don’t try the sympathy angle so I love you for your attachment to family and friends, it just makes me cross. I said I was tetchy.

One of my bookings yesterday also had me biting my tongue. It was someone from a member state of the EU who is now living here. What made me want to respond, in a perhaps less than positive way to this lady, were her numerous interjections during the booking about how much better the health care is in her ‘home’. Discussing nuchal scans ‘They are not as expensive there, do my benefits let me have one free here?’, ‘I’m sure I wouldn’t have to pay to see an osteopath there’, ‘You don’t have to wait at home.’ all said with a slightly accusatory rather than commenting tone, and it went on. I tied and, I think, suceeded in hiding my irritation but, as I walked out and to my car, I was muttering to myself about how if things are so great at home why don’t you go there and have baby. I really, really hope that the whole pregnancy, another 30 weeks, is not an endless grumble about how poor things are here rather than in her homeland.

Still no phonecall. Please let everything be okay.

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