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Job Seeker

Today I was talking to a midwife friend whose three babies I helped into the world and she told me that she is handing in her resignation this week. She has just returned after a years maternity leave and is horrified by how much the care in the hospital has changed. Her exact words were ‘I know that I love midwifery but what we are doing now is not midwifery and I cannot work like that’. She applied for, and got, a childcare teaching post at a local sixth form college, far more child friendly, same pay and no unsocial hours. I have to admit that it has now got me thinking about a change of career. I’ve done a quick search for jobs but there is nothing I’ve found, so far, that appeals to me any more than continuing as a midwife, and unfortunately we can’t afford for me to give up work for at least 5 years. It’s just too depressing. I feel like a customer care representative for a really rubbish company. The customers have ‘bought’ an item and found that it doesn’t live up to it’s description, so they have phoned customer care to sort things out, only the rep (me), that they are dealing with would love to do more but the company just never fulfill their promises. The customer gets annoyed, understandably, and takes their disappointment and frustration out on the rep. That’s what being a midwife is like, the government is promising one thing, the Trusts are cutting back to stay within budget so are telling us to reduce services, and we are there, in the firing line, when women feel that the system is failing them. What the government should do is just be honest and say that the vision they have for the maternity services would be wonderful, if it was affordable, but it’s not. ‘So sorry people, we will provide a safe service but without the frills we promised.’

If anyone out there knows of a job for a grumpy, middle-aged, midwife please let me know. I’ve always fancied the idea of being an archeologist, or a forensic scientist, attention to detail required, hmmm perhaps not then!

Wow. Hasn’t Claire Verity ruffled feathers? There are blogs against her, countless articles commenting about her techniques and paediatricians have expressed concerns that her insistance babies sleep in their own room increases the risk of cot death. Even the authoress of that worrying ‘The Contented Little Baby’ book, Gina Ford, has spoken out about Ms Verity’s child training methods, crikey they must be rigid for that advocate of black-out blinds etc to condemn them. Personally I haven’t seen the Channel 4 programme, but my daughters have and can sit for hours relaying the differing opinions regarding caring for a baby. Do I have an opinion? Cherry-pick, that’s my advice. See what works for you. Don’t rule anything out just because it came from a childcare ‘expert’ you don’t agree with, they may have just the smallest suggestion that works for you. Do remember though that just because, when you put 2 week old Dan to sleep in his cot upstairs instead of in his crib downstairs he then slept for 3 hours this may not have been an example of cause and effect. It may just be that Dan, who is very new to the world and changing all the time, has now decided that he may go longer between feeds. However, if it worked great. That’s cherry-picking. Perhaps that’s what I’ll do, I’ll write a ‘Childcare Tips’ book. This will be one huge tome, more like an encyclopaedia really. 

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