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As promised, the link to the Huffington Post entry commenting on maternity care in the UK. It made me feel sad when I read it as it look as if the system we have at present, that the writer speaks so highly of, has a very limited life expectancy.

Browsing the net also took me to this inspiring entry by a midwife working in Africa. This is midwifery at it’s most basic where all the practitioners skills are utilised and stretched to the max. It’s reading memoirs like this that cause me to take stock, to muse. Could I do this? Would I have the stamina, the confidence to step into an environment so totally alien, where I may be able to scan a woman and confirm a multiple pregnancy but where I would then have to help her safely deliver her babies. How would I cope when there were no NICU cots for these little mites? The emotional toll must be high. I winge and rant about the financial, staffing and equipment deficits in the UK but how heart-wrenching it would be to witness the everyday tragedies that real healthcare deprivation brings.

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