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Still no idea what is happening with my broadband. Apparently I don’t have it because of my set top box but, I’m on-line at the moment so I obviously do. The mysteries of Virgin Media are too wonderous to contemplate, let alone behold. This afternoon a tech/engineer is coming to sort me out with a cable modem, if this bringer of joy does appear I may be overcome with emotion and embarassingly sycophantic.

I still have shingles and the G.P has signed be off for another week. I had thought that I may attempt a return to work anyway as I know that my work is piling up and that no one is picking any of it up. To be fair, there is so little slack in the system, none in fact, that it it is incredibly difficult to help another team member out, one of the reasons that I developed shingles in the first place. For 2 months now I have been trying to do a whole time persons work in a half time persons hours. This has obviously led to working later, doing paperwork and making calls from home in the evenings and worrying about the fact that I can’t keep up with it all. So add that to the other stressors in play recently, mainly Louis and the health concerns, and I had become quite low. Anyway, back to returing to work. I was booked on to a conference in London yesterday and I decided to attend. Two reasons really. One is that as a midwife I have to produce evidence of ongoing professional development to be able to renew my registration. It can be lots of things that contribute but study days are one of the best ways, for me, of being exposed to concepts and ideas that I may not normally look in to, and these conferences with different topics and speakers are excellent updating tools. Yesterday we had a woman from the Health Care Commission talking about the maternity services review which is currently being undertaken and also a representative from NICE discussing the new intrapartum guidelines. This was a free conference, wonderful, as study days can cost over £100. The other reason I opted to go was it would be a good way to see if I was up to returning to work as having slobbed out for 10 days I had no idea how I would feel if I actually expended any effort physically or mentally. I got my answer. I was shattered, brain dead and, interestingly, my pain from the shingles was much worse, probably because I was tired. I am taking doctors advice and not returning to work.

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