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Virgin media

I have no idea how I am posting this. Why? Because I am not able to have access to my broadband connection. I have entered a different dimension, one ruled entirely by Virgin Media, aka NTL. Lets start at the very beginning, it’s a very good place to start, when you read you begin with ABC when you surf it begins with NTL. Yes, I have lost my marbles but hopefully you will soon understand why.

I get a laptop. Hubby has a new computer. I need a router. I consult Virgin, no they don’t supply one but any cable router will work. ‘If you have any problems call our tech guys’ (25p per minute).

I go into PC World. A router. Wonderful, huge advert for Virgin Media with cable routers underneath. I buy one.

Saturday, puncuation and I spend at least 4 hours trying to set up the router. No joy and I had no broadband.

Sunday. Prior to starting the whole process again I went to Virgin Medias customer page, read up about USB v ethernet, did what they advised me to a changed them over, following all their instructions to the letter. Commissioning page. After about an hour that was all sorted, much resetting set-top boxes by Virgin Media but I had a connection again.

Punctuation and I started setting up the router again, more success but commissioning pages galore, and all three computers totally ignored when registered. No broadband. 4 hours have passed. We admitted defeat, I needed to phone the tech guys. I phoned the tech guys, who, after 20 minutes at 25p per minute, told me that set-top boxes don’t work with routers, they knew this already so they give me a free cable modem. Phone customer services in the morning. Still no broadband.

This morning. Phoned customer services, put me through to sales at Virgin Media, yes we will send your modem out, or an engineer can install it for £25. Hang on there. This is your equipment which is rubbish, which you knew was rubbish and you no longer support but I have to either install what will work myself or pay you to do it. No. Wrong. Back to customer services. Long wait whilst ‘Kate’ talks to someone. Yes. We will send out an engineer free, but not until a week on Wednesday. ‘Hang on there Kate, I have no broadband’. ‘Yes I know’. ‘Right then. Can you put me on to the person who can click the reset switch and let me have it back?’ ‘It’s not worth it, because now it’s started not working it will carry on doing it’.

I said goodbye to her really calmly. Crashed about for a while. Sat down here at my computer and attempted internet access. Commissioning page. ‘Oh dear’. Then I noticed my Google sidebar was active. I clicked on Frectis, and got to her blog. I clicked on her link to me, and here I am. It’s a mad world. I can’t receive E-Mails. I can’t access anything directly, but I seem to be able to slide around and wriggle in via a back route. Very odd.

The moral of this story is do not use Virgin Media. They are not helpful. They try and cover up when their equipment has failed, and then when you finally get to the root of the problem they will take 10 days to sort it out.

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