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I may not be blogging for a while if it all goes horribly wrong and if it does you may read in the tabloids about a middle-aged woman trashing her house.

Hubby’s computer……….and my new laptop have both arrived, so today is dedicated to setting them both up, C-Day. There is also a wireless router sitting there. It promises me it will be simple to sort out, it needs to be as I am not the most computer savvy person in the world.

At this point I would like to recommend Dabs for their ease of ordering and delivery. The order went in late Thursday evening, at 9am their tracking system informed me my order was at Wembley, in a container, at 9.15 it was here. Miraculous since the journey takes at least 40 minutes. Will not comment on the product until I have, hopefully, got everything up and running.

Wish me luck, and patience.

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