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Today started early, 5am infact, with Labour Ward phoning me to ask me to go to a homebirth. ‘Hmm, I’m off sick’. ‘Well I didn’t know that’. ‘Is my name on the on-call board then?’ ‘No’. Phone down. Fully awake now, and with my side hurting I couldn’t get back to sleep until the analgesia had kicked in. 9am, asleep, phone call again, ‘Whats your login and password?’. I told her, but I, obviously erroniously, thought that the reason you had a login and password was for security reasons so no one else could enter, or access information in your name.

Further to Hubby’s computer being corrupt, today a new little wizard will arrive for him. His specs were for a flat screen, multiple USB ports and the ability to ‘fiddle’ about with photo’s. Hopefully the rather lovely looking machine I have chosen for him, with much input from punctuation, will fulfill his requirements.

The Health Visitor has been to check on Daughter and the boys today. She didn’t do the Edinburgh postnatal depression test because of the bad news daughter had received about Louis and his occult spina bifida. Well, if daughter wasn’t depressed before the visit, she certainly should be now. HV decided not to be reassuring ‘In case there is a problem because then you would say that I told you not to worry. I’ve only seen a few of these and it’s quite rare that the child couldn’t walk’. Daughter had not even considered this possibility. Her concerns were just that Louis may not be able to rough and tumble as there might be a weakened area so his spinal cord may be less protected. Daughter has a gift for imitation and so her recounting of the visit ended with us both laughing, I know that daughter’s laughter was very close to turning to tears. I just want to bang my fist and tell events to stop. To turn back the clock and prevent the nurse giving him too much gentamycin, to make the HV think before she spoke, but I can’t. So we will just carry on counting the days until his hip scan, his specialist hearing test, his MRI scan and just enjoy Louis as we all see him, a normal little baby with a cheeky little smile.

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