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Falling apart

And on the sick list today

  • Me. Yes, it is shingles. I have in my hot sweaty mitt, (which is nothing to do with the shingles) a prescription for acyclovir which will not cure me, or reduce the discomfort, but may shorten the duration of the attack. To take or not. Has some nasty side-effects.
  • Son. Spent today at the hospital having another nasty invasive procedure to do with his ulcerative colitis. Being an over-protective, suspicious Mother I want to know why the repeat when they successfully diagnosed him last time they viewed his insides.
  • Louis. Yes, poor little Louis had his 6 week check with the G.P today who, noting his sacral dimple, announced that baby has occult spina bifida and so is referring him for investigations. Daughter phoned me distraught, unsurprisingly really given little Louis brush with paediatricians so far. I reassured her by saying that I have it, her sister has it and Izzy has it, a sacral dimple that is, so not to be concerned. Then I read the link I’ve posted and immediately started worrying! Also, since the twins are absolutely identical, why hasn’t Jamie got it?
  • Hubby, Izzy, Jamie and Louis. All have the cough and cold currently doing the rounds.
  • Hubby’s computer. It is corrupt. It is so corrupt that it has stopped working, apparently it can’t ‘read’ anymore. Now, this could be a catastrope but every cloud has a silver lining. I have been selling all my worldly assets on E-Bay to earn enough money to buy a laptop, and then Hubby was going to have my desktop. In a panic Hubby has announced that everything needs to happen now, so change of plan. I keep my computer, but have a laptop as well, and he gets a new desktop and………..I don’t have to fund it. Result. punctuation  has, as usual, drawn the short straw and will be doing all the brain work with regard the selection of the machines, and unless he no longer likes curry, helping me out if (when) I can’t sus out which wire goes where.

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