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Further to my ‘Gloom, doom…….’ post. I received this comment from another community midwife in the same situation –

‘As a community midwife, i feel exactly the same way as midwifemuse. In our trust, we are all Band 7 (given that banding by an unbiased independent team who researched the job descriptions for Agenda for Change. We are all in the process of being downgraded to Band 6 – this will mean a potential salary cut of approx 5 – 6,000 for some of my colleagues. So now we all feel even more demoralised.
The RCM has not been much help at all – they have advised us to accept it.
Unison are fighting it – apparently!
Several community midwives in our trust are now in the process of engaging a solicitor independently to fight this.
If there are any midwives out there in similar situations, who wish to contact me about this – we would welcome your input. It may be time to all stand together on these issues.’

Any midwives out there who would like to contact the commentator go to the comments for that post, her E-Mail address is there. I agree with her, it may well be the time to stand together on this issue.


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