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The twins are here

The babies were born by elective caesarian section on Thursday 23rd August at 11.45 and 11.46 weighing in at 6lbs 30zs and 5lbs 15ozs respectively. Twin 1, who still has no name, got off to a roaring start and hasn't looked back, Twin 2, louis, was not as lucky. 15 minutes after he was born he was admitted to SCBU because he was having a hard time getting this breathing concept right. Once there they put him on CPAP, a machine which allows baby to breath by themselves but forces air into the lungs when they do take a breath. Because they couldn't be sure that the problem was solely due to him only being 36 weeks they put him on IV antibiotics, and because his brother had shared the same home they put T1 on IV antibiotics as well. The troubles were not over for poor old Louis, they then made a drug error with one of his antibiotics, Gentamycin. This is a nasty, toxic drug if given in excess, kidney damage and deafness being just two of the possible results of an OD. Blood tests have ruled out kidney damage, thank heaven, but he failed his first hearing test so this is being retested in 6 weeks.

At 12 weeks daughter was told that she was having identical twins, and they wern't wrong. They have no distinguishing features, every time you think that you have found a way of telling them apart you discover that the other twin has the same ear crease, what ever. Daughter has now painted T1's toenail with red nail varnish to avoid muddling them up!

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