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Saga ends

10 days ago, in one of my more furious rants, I talked about a local estate agents and how unhelpful etc. one of their staff had been. I was surprised to receive a communication after I published the blog from their customer services department requesting details. Daughter had already sent them a letter outlining her disappointment with the service they had received during their recent house move so I just replied telling them that they should soon be in receipt of all the information they may require.

Hats off to Haarts. The day before daughters c section they contacted her by phone, discussed all her issues, assured her that the employee in question was going to be ‘re-trained’, and came to an agreement about their fees. The fees were one of the issues as daughter felt that she had been misled by the bod dealing with their sale, he gave her a % price and when the final bill came it was an entirely different price, much higher. So thankyou Haart for your attention to a grumpy old woman’s blog ramblings and rants. All I want to know is how did they find out about it?

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