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I have just done a bit of last minute ‘hospital’ shopping for daughter. Nappies, she had bought some but I suspect that 1 packet for 2 babies is not going to go very far so I purchased some Boots newborn. According to both daughters Tesco disposables perform as well as Pampers and Huggies, but are half the price and this will be a chance to test out another make. I have got a box of real nappies upstairs, Kushies, first grandchild started out in them but after a few major leakages they were abandoned.

I have also put a small bottle of ‘hand sanitizer’ for her to take in. The hospital does have dispensers positioned strategically around but I reasoned that it wouldn’t hurt for her to have a a small one in her washbag for when she uses the loo. The literature on hand hygiene recommends that handwashing is the best way to ensure cleanliness but you still have to use the door handle to open the door and the person before you may not have been into the idea of washing their hands after using the facilities.

On daughters list was Arnica, to, hopefully, reduce any swelling and bruising she experiences after the op; tea tree oil, to use in the bath to act as a deterrent to wound infection; Bach rescue remedy, for all the family, well hers anyway. The only time I have taken it was years ago when I was nursing in the community and went to visit an elderly patient who lived in the middle of no-where. I went into the house to find the patient sitting in her chair in the sitting-room, with all the family sitting watching TV. Absolutely fine, except she was dead and, from how cold she was, had been for some time. The family had been blissfully unaware. This was pre-mobile phones, and there was not one in the house so I ended up, in the dark, walking up an unlit lane to the home of a local G.P. He came and certified her death and helped me move her onto her bed so that I could ‘lay her out’. He also phoned to where we knew my colleague would be to give her some of my workload. Next thing, colleague arrived and ordered me to allow her to drop some rescue remedy on my tongue. I’m still alive, so it obviously did no harm!

Mumof4 asked about how much larger you would expect a twin pregnancy to be in comparison to a singleton. I really don’t know if there is an accepted ratio but I did measure daughters bump today. She is now 36 weeks. Measuring from the top of the fundus (top of the womb) to the top of the bone at the pubis is 48 cms, with a singleton it should be between 34 and 38 cms, rough rule is that the measurement in centemetres should equal the number of weeks of pregnancy. Out of interest I also measured around her bump, 123cms, or 48”, her waist measurement is usually 25”. In other words she is 4 ft around her waist, I find that mind-boggling. Whilst I was conducting my investigations the twins became really active and at one point I could feel so many limbs that it seemed as if there was an extremely lively octopus under my hand, it must be so cramped in there now.

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