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Today is Hubby’s and my 31st Anniversary, even I think that’s a long time. Hubby, I’m sure that he heard it somewhere, says that you don’t get that long for murder. Anyway, I came down this morning and on the table is a single red rose, a tradition, and a small gold box. Even without opening the box I know what it contains, a gold charm, another tradition. For my 21st birthday I was given a silver charm bracelet and on each anniversary Hubby gave me a silver charm. The charms were always something relevant, a cat, a longboat, a baby etc. and by the time we had notched up 25 years the bracelet was full so for our 25th he gave me a gold bracelet, and we started all over again. I wonder what it will be this year?

Daughters moving house saga goes on. They didn’t exchange on Friday, one of the solicitors went into hiding yesterday but they have been told they might exchange today. Meanwhile, daughter is expanding at an alarming rate, her ability to carry out day to day tasks is becoming increasingly limited, and she is having her C section in 3 weeks. This isn’t taking into account the concern about too much change happening all at once for a little girl called Amy, moving house is quite enough upheaval and almost guaranteed to cause her behaviour to become demanding without the birth of two babies to rock her little world even more. Some good news though, I ‘won’ a pushchair on Ebay, a new Jane twin two. I have never worked so hard to buy something off there before, every time I was just pipped at the post, but last night I was successful, hurrah, and for a hundred pounds less than its RRP. Now we’ve just got to get the two car seats to go with it.

Yesterday I went to visit one of my women who had suffered an IUD (intra-uterine death). Difficult, difficult visit but made easy by an amazingly stoic couple. I had never met J before as her antenatal appointments had always been covered by my job-share, perhaps that made it better, there was no pregnancy history and no chance that she may feel I could , somehow, have been to blame. The baby is having a post mortem toady, but they have been told that they will not receive the results for 6 weeks, a long time to wait.


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